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Nathaniel​ ​C.​ ​Praska 

Born:​ ​1985,​ ​Portland,​ ​Oregon

Solo Exhibitions:

2024     Heavenly and Earthly Paradise, The Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon (forthcoming)

2024     Blinking Stupidly, Mount Hood Community College Visual Arts Gallery, Gresham, Oregon (forthcoming)

2023     4x4, Forsberg Art Gallery, Rose Center for The Arts, Longview, Washington

2022     Like a Pile of Mud, Bunker in Silico, St. Louis, Missouri  

2017     Progress​ ​and​ ​Development,​ ​Mestizo​ ​Institute​ ​of​ ​Culture​ ​&​ ​Arts,​ ​Salt​ ​Lake​ ​City,​ ​Utah

2016     Nathaniel Praska: Recent Work, Red e Café Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2012     Cherry​ ​Trees,​ ​The​ ​Office​ ​of​ ​Mayor​ ​Sam​ ​Adams,​ ​Portland,​ ​Oregon

2009     Scenes​ ​From​ ​the​ ​Streets,​ ​Trim/Vojdani​ ​Gallery​ ​at P:EAR,​ ​Portland​, Oregon

Group Exhibitions: 

2024     TBD, After/Time Collective, Portland, Oregon (forthcoming)

2024     GLEAN Artist Residency Exhibition, Parallax Art Center, Portland, Oregon (forthcoming)

2023     Tryst Alternative Art Fair, Torrance Art Museum, Del Amo Crossing, Torrance, California

2022     1989: The Postcollapse in Art and Culture, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, California     

2021     1989, MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture, Portland, Oregon 

             (curated by Ilknur Demirkoparan & Vuslat Katsanis)

2021     Abandoned: Images of What Remains, ARTspace Gallery, Lake Oswego, Oregon

2021     What’s So Funny?, Well Well Projects, Portland, Oregon

2019     Everyone Together!: Benefit for RAICES, One Grand Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2018     Artifacts of a Journey, Lakewood Center for the Arts, Lake Oswego, Oregon

2018     Art as Refuge, 510 Museum and ARTspace, Lake Oswego, Oregon

2017     Andrew Alba and Nathaniel Praska: Bugatti Veyron, Red e Café Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2014     The​ ​Life​ ​of​ ​The​ ​Paint,​ ​Mockingbird​ ​Gallery,​ ​Bend,​ ​Oregon 

2013     Calligram/Falcon​ ​Fellowship​ ​Exhibit,​ ​Portland,​ ​Oregon

2010     Plein​ ​Air​ ​Paint​ ​Out, ​Mockingbird​ ​Gallery,​ ​Bend,​ ​Oregon

2010     Enduring​ ​Forests, ​Arbor​ ​Art​ ​Show,​ ​Lake​ ​Oswego,​ ​Oregon

2010     Cross​ ​Culture, ​Mockingbird​ ​Gallery,​ ​Bend​, Oregon

2006     Rex Silvernail and Nathaniel Praska, Art on the Boulevard, Vancouver, Washington

Grants​ ​&​ ​Awards: 

2023     GLEAN Artist Residency, Portland, Oregon

2022     Career Opportunity grant, Oregon Arts Commission, Portland, Oregon 

2022     Make | Learn | Build grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon    

2021     Rockland Residency, Bremerton, Washington

2012     Calligram/Falcon​ ​Fellowship, Portland, Oregon

2010     Southwest​ ​Art,​ ​‘21​ ​under​ ​31’,​ ​September 


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